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As we become Central Washington’s premiere training facility, our fellowship, outstanding training and instructional programs continue to spark comments from our clients.

Lessons and Training

Training with Mary Burke has brought my riding to a new level. Mary's clear instruction not only brings out the best in my horse, it also brings out the best in my riding.

~ Kelvie & Ivy

I enjoy riding with Mary Burke because of her insight and ability to evaluate my needs as well as those of my horse, and her ability to give clear and understandable directions and explanations. I have also enjoyed watching the progress my daughter has made under Mary’s tutelage.

~ Susan Harrel

My riding has improved dramatically under Mary’s instruction.  Mary is very good at helping me and my horse overcome problems and improve my confidence.  Mary is good at describing and demonstrating what position my body should be in. With her instruction I have become braver about jumping.  I qualified for the State 4H Fair in Puyallup in dressage and jumping with Mary’s help. In preparing with Mary for state I was awarded Grand Champion Dressage in intermediate training level at the 2010 4H State Fair.

~ Molly Slothower (15 years of age)

I started taking my 7 year old to Mary for lessons a year ago. I originally choose Mary because she loved teaching kids. What most impresses me about Mary is how she can fix a problem you have been struggling with for months in a matter of minutes. My daughter's lessons went so well I started training at Burkeridge Farms with Mary as well.

We drive over 1 hour each way for lessons with Mary but it is well worth my time and the extra gas. Yes, I could take lessons much closer to home but I would have to take several lessons with another trainer to learn what I learn with Mary in one lesson.

~ Sally Brown

Taking a lesson with Mary is a great experience!  She is professional, detailed and tuned in to the smallest changes that are being achieved and communicates her instructions clearly and concisely while maintaining a sense of fun and exuberance that is highly motivating.

Mary’s expertise in human anatomy is extremely helpful to me in understanding my riding and what it is that I need to accomplish in order to help my horse.  My daughter and I have learned a ton and look forward to achieving some of our goals this year with Mary’s help!  

~ Julie and Emma

Burkeridge Farm testimonials               Burkeridge Farm testimonials

Burkeridge Farms


Burkeridge Farms is my riding sanctuary. The farm is unique in the way that it has the close feeling of family, while providing the rider with all the professional amenities one could ever want. Burkeridge Farms is a place that any horse would be lucky to call home.

~ Kelvie & Ivy

Mary and Richard plan and work on their goals of having a top notch training facility and it shows. Each season brings new changes…better footing, another arena, more jumps, great shelters for the paddocks, parking area improvements, drainage, to more storage for the boarders. The barn couldn't be cleaner or more organized yet Mary is always working on making it better!

~ Jackie Robinson

Burkeridge Farms

Horse Sales

I am so thankful to have bought Joey from Burkeridge Farms. It was a trusting, safe, and wonderful experience to buy my first horse. Mary did such a good job with Joey and it’s been a blast with him! Over the past two years I have built a wonderful strong relationship with Joey. He has not only been my best friend, but he has taught me how to further my equestrian skills. With the tight bond we have created we are improving every day. I am grateful to have such a talented, smart, and kind horse. I couldn’t have wished to have a better horse.

~ Kate Poulos

Burkeridge Farm testimonials

Burkeridge Farms